Worker complains of being “bullied and abused” by WSIB staff

An injured worker complained to the Commission that she had not received a response to her letter of complaint about her case manager. The letter described two recent telephone calls during which she felt “bullied and abused” by her case manager. The worker told the Commission that she barely ate or slept for three days following each call.

At the Commission’s prompting, the worker escalated her concerns by leaving a voicemail message for a manager. Yet again, she received no response.

The Commission contacted the manager, who stated that she hadn’t received the voicemail message, nor had the injured worker’s letter been brought to her attention.

Following the Commission’s prompting, the manager listened to the recorded telephone calls, reviewed the worker’s letter, and found that the worker had been dealt with in an inappropriate manner. The manager apologized to the worker and assigned a new case manager. Plus, the manager further advised that she would use this complaint as a coaching opportunity for staff improvement.