WSIB promoted employer e-services that excluded major bank

The WSIB wants employers to make online payments for premiums, but
when its letter promoting e-services went out to this employer, one of
Canada’s major banks was left out.

The employer tried to find out why her bank was not listed as a payor
to her WSIB account, but had trouble getting a clear answer.

The bank told her the WSIB had to request that it be added as a payee.
She asked the WSIB why this hadn’t been done and was offered the
choice to pay by credit card, which would increase her costs. She asked
to be connected with someone more senior. A week after she emailed the
director of finance, an account analyst contacted her to say that details
about the lack of agreement with her bank were confidential and could
not be revealed to her.

The employer contacted the Commission, which made a series of
inquiries to the WSIB. The Commission helped to facilitate discussions
between the bank and the WSIB, and the bank was soon added to the
WSIB’s list of payors.