WSIB had employer’s bank account frozen without notice

While attempting to do online banking, this employer received online
messages from his bank to call customer support. Once he called, he was
shocked to learn that, by court order, the WSIB had frozen his company’s
account to collect money owed to the WSIB. The Sheriff’s office had
already initiated garnishment.

The employer told the Commission the court order was unfair, and
complained about the lack of notice. He also complained of frustrating
dealings with multiple WSIB representatives.

The WSIB’s collections department told the Commission that due to
human error, the required notification didn’t go out to the employer before
the court order was issued.

Following further inquiries by the Commission, a director advised that
the WSIB would waive penalty charges and interest on the account from
the time of garnishment. A letter of apology was sent to the employer.
In addition, in order to improve communication, the WSIB assigned the
employer’s account to a dedicated account services representative.