Workers seek clarity on LOE calculations

Multiple workers said they couldn’t understand how the WSIB calculated
their loss of earnings (LOE) benefits. They couldn’t get answers from
the WSIB. In one instance, the case manager simply copied the payment
specialist’s memo and offered no explanation.

In another instance, a case manager told the worker to file an
appeal if he didn’t agree with the calculation. Following inquiries by the
Commission, the case manager wrote a detailed benefit calculation letter
to the worker. Still unclear, the worker was offered a meeting with the
WSIB manager.

In response to further inquiries by the Commission, an executive
director acknowledged that the WSIB could be doing a better job
with correspondence and advised that there are plans in place for

The executive director also confirmed that it’s the job of the case
manager, not the payment specialist, to explain payment calculations. In
complicated cases, it is the responsibility of the case manager’s manager.
In extremely complicated cases, managers for both the case manager
and the payment specialist are to contact the worker together. WSIB staff
were reminded of proper protocol.