More psychological treatment allowed for worker with PTSD

The worker’s psychologist recommended further treatment. The WSIB said the worker had received the maximum number of treatments and was at maximum medical recovery (MMR). The worker complained to the Commission that the WSIB was insensitive to his needs, given that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The WSIB had neither reviewed the psychological report in a timely manner nor responded to it, said the worker.

The Commission reviewed the file and confirmed that the psychologist recommended maintenance treatment to deal with the worker’s relapse. The WSIB’s guidance document for maintenance treatment allows maintenance treatment for injured workers to maintain their level of functioning after reaching MMR.

The Commission contacted the manager for clarification. The manager reviewed the claim and told the Commission that while he agreed that the worker was at MMR for work-related PTSD, he also agreed that the WSIB should approve more treatment to prevent relapse. Because of the Commission’s inquiries, the WSIB allowed the worker further treatment.