Better communication of WSIB policy changes

An organization serving employers complained to the Commission about
the difficulty in knowing whether and how WSIB policies have changed.
The organization said it was not reasonable to have to do word-byword
comparisons of old and new policy documents. Furthermore, no
stakeholder had the resources to do this type of document analysis.

The organization raised the lack of transparency with senior staff at
the WSIB and suggested a “red line system”, similar to “track changes”
in a word processing program, to display policy changes clearly. The
organization then contacted the Commission saying no action was taken
by the WSIB in this regard.

The Commission made several inquiries with the WSIB. In response,
the WSIB advised that it will ensure that all future policy changes are
clearly identified on the WSIB website.

The Commission was advised that documents featuring tracked
changes will be posted for at least one year. Major changes will likely
remain for longer. If changes can’t be easily distinguished by track
changes, such as streamlining or merging of policies, the WSIB will
explain changes with detailed notes.