Benefits slashed due to computer error

This worker received a cheque for only 10 percent of the usual amount
of his loss of earnings benefits. When he reached his case manager, he
learned the computer had moved the decimal point to the wrong place.
He was told that the replacement cheque would have to be processed

Days went by, the worker was out of funds, and his hydro payment
bounced. The worker tried contacting his case manager again but without
success. Almost one week later, he contacted a manager who advised
that the request for a replacement cheque was with a payment specialist.
When it was ready, it would be mailed to him. Direct deposit was not an
option, he was told.

The worker contacted the Commission which contacted the manager.
Since this was the WSIB’s administrative error, the Commission asked
if the WSIB would consider issuing a manual cheque to the worker’s
regional WSIB office on a priority basis.

Within a few hours of the Commission’s inquiry, the cheque was in the
regional office for the worker to pick up.