WSIB’s job choice not suitable for injured worker

The complainant was a truck driver whose work injuries meant she could
no longer drive trucks. Since her employer had no suitable work available,
the WSIB engaged the worker in work transition (WT) services.

The worker’s injuries to her shoulders, upper arms, and neck led to
restrictions on lifting, pushing and pulling. The WSIB decided that a
suitable occupation (SO) for the injured worker would be to work as a
cashier, despite the worker’s concern that work as a cashier would require
mobility that was limited due to her injuries.

The worker contacted the Commission, which in turn spoke with a
WSIB manager.

Because of the Commission’s inquiries, the manager reviewed the
WT plan and agreed that it was not suited to the worker’s post-injury
restrictions. The WSIB involved the worker in exploring options for a
different SO and other WT services.