WSIB willing to reconsider medical marijuana

The WSIB denied coverage for medical marijuana even though the worker’s doctor had prescribed it and the worker claimed he was pain-free since using it. The WSIB stated in its decision letter that medical marijuana was not an appropriate treatment for the worker’s injury.

The worker told the Commission he had little relief during seven years of taking another pain medication. He complained that the WSIB didn’t review or consider his medical information.

The Commission spoke with a manager to clarify the reasons for the decision and content of the letter. The manager reviewed the file and said the WSIB would write to the worker to fully explain the rationale for the decision.

Because of the Commission’s inquiries, the worker received a detailed letter that explained the process for considering medications that are not on the WSIB Drug Benefit Program Formularies, the list of drugs the WSIB covers. The letter also explained WSIB Health Services research and reasons for not covering medical marijuana. The WSIB, however, agreed to reconsider its decision if the worker provided further medical evidence.