WSIB does it right

Mr. A, who has a compensable brain injury, was concerned about his loss of earnings, entitlement to medication, reimbursement for expenses and lack of communication from the WSIB. He was agitated and frustrated about how the WSIB was treating him.

His file showed he had a significant permanent injury for post-traumatic stress disorder under a prior claim. His current claim was for a mild traumatic brain injury with a concussion. According to the file, his behaviour was problematic and his conversations with WSIB staff difficult. The file also showed that the case manager, nurse consultant, manager and senior management were all trying to address Mr. A’s issues. When he contacted the Commission, the WSIB had already:

  • facilitated medical care
  • spoken about the possibility of reviewing future economic loss benefits under his prior claim
  • simplified his access to drug benefits and facilitated a referral to the Psychological Trauma Program
  • facilitated contact between the worker and the Office of the Worker Advisor, recognizing that he would likely need help to pursue further benefits under his prior claim.

The Commission told Mr. A there were no issues for the Commission to review, as the WSIB was addressing his concerns in a reasonable manner.