Working around problems caused by no-contact restriction

Mr. C received a letter from the WSIB saying his benefits would be terminated in two weeks as he had not provided requested

Mr. C phoned the Commission and said he had given the WSIB the information three times. However, he could not phone the
WSIB because he was on the no-contact list as a result of making threatening comments and other inappropriate behaviour.

The Commission contacted the director of WSIB Security who confirmed that Mr. C had sent in the information. The WSIB
confirmed his benefits would not be suspended.

The director told the Commission that Mr. C’s claim was in the process of being sent to another location and therefore the
correspondence had likely not been reviewed. He said that in the future the WSIB would acknowledge in writing the receipt of
correspondence from Mr. C.

The Commission called Mr. C to tell him his benefits would not be suspended, his future correspondence would be acknowledged in
writing and he should send things directly to the WSIB Security office. Mr. C was relieved to learn his benefits were not in jeopardy.