Worker’s Loss of Earnings (LOE) benefits incorrectly calculated

This worker believed the WSIB’s calculation of his LOE benefits was
incorrect. He said he understood the formula used to calculate his
earnings and knew how much he was to receive in wage loss benefits. But,
the WSIB cheques often fell short of what he was supposed to receive.

The worker raised his concerns with the WSIB and asked that a
manager review the numbers. In response, the case manager told
the worker that a payment manager reviewed the calculations and
“confirmed he was paid correctly”. The worker could appeal the decision,
but there would be no further review. No one at the WSIB offered him an
explanation for the discrepancy.

The worker held to his position and contacted the Commission. Based
on Commission inquiries, the manager agreed to meet with the worker
and case manager. After that meeting, the worker received a five-page
breakdown of his wage loss and a cheque for the amount the WSIB owed