Worker won appeal, but WSIB refused to reimburse him for medication costs

A worker was successful with his appeal at the Appeals Branch, allowing
him retroactive entitlement for a psycho-traumatic disability. He
submitted receipts to the WSIB for medications previously paid for, in
part by his spouse’s insurance plan, assuming the WSIB would now cover
his portion of the costs.

The WSIB returned the receipts and said that it does not reimburse for
drug deductibles and medication paid through co-payment under private
insurance plans.

The worker’s representative contacted the Commission with concerns
about the WSIB’s decision-making process. Following the Commission’s
inquiries, the WSIB issued an apology to the worker and agreed to
reimburse him for his medication costs. The worker re-submitted his
receipts for out-of-pocket medication expenses, and was reimbursed a
few weeks later