Travel Expenses rejected, no reason given

Complainant: Injured worker
Problem: Worker submitted a claim the same way he had for years, but new eyes at the WSIB said no.
Resolution: Travel expenses were reimbursed and decision letter explained the process to follow for future claims.

The injured worker was mystified as to why the WSIB rejected his expense claim for travel from Northern Ontario to see his doctor in the southern part of the province. He’d been making this regular trip for years and had never had a problem getting reimbursed.

He did this four times a year, approved by the WSIB, so his doctor could prescribe and monitor his medication. What changed?

The WSIB’s nurse consultant was new on the file and rejected the claim because the clinic hadn’t signed or stamped the expense form or provided any new medical information.

The nurse consultant was correct about WSIB practice, but because other nurse consultants had approved the claims for years, the worker was unaware that he needed to do anything differently.

Following inquiries by the Commission, the WSIB agreed to pay the expenses in this instance, but sent a new decision letter to the worker, which explained the process to follow for future claims.