Social Work consultation

A worker’s representative contacted the Commission in September with a concern about the length of time it was taking to obtain the results of a psychological/ permanent disability assessment.

The Commission found that the psychological consultant had received the referral in May and referred the claim to a social worker for further assessment in July. However, the assessment had not yet taken place. The social worker had decided that since the matter was not urgent, the worker should be assessed in person. The Commission was told that as the worker resides outside the Greater Toronto Area, an assessment would only be scheduled when more than one assessment was required near the worker’s community.

The commissioner and a specialist met with the associate director of Clinical Services in October to review the process for social work consultations when workers live outside Toronto.

Following the inquiry, the professional practice leader reviewed the matter with Health Services. Health Services decided, as a social work visit to the community was not expected soon, the worker should be assessed in Toronto. The social worker conducted the assessment in November.