Sending out objection forms

A worker’s representative contacted the Commission to report that he had not received an objection form after calling and sending the claims adjudicator many reminders over 10 months. He also wrote the manager twice.

The Commission reviewed the worker’s claim file. The representative’s letters were in the file, but in the “to be filed” folder. When the Commission contacted the manager, she said she was not aware of the letters. She agreed to review the letters immediately and apologize to the representative for the delay.

The Commission reviewed the file a few days later. The claims adjudicator had sent the form to the representative and at the same time started a referral to the Appeals Branch based on the detailed objection letters in the file. The manager wrote a letter of apology for the delays to the representative and worker.

Since this was one of a number of complaints involving a delay because managers did not receive their mail, the commissioner raised the concern to a higher level.