Reducing red tape

Sometimes callers tell the Commission they feel “bounced around” in the system or face bureaucratic gridlock. The Commission can help ensure process matters are addressed quickly.

At an appeal hearing a worker’s representative submitted new information so that the WSIB could adjudicate an incident. The Appeals Branch referred the information to the case manager.

When the case manager received the information, he told the representative he could not make a decision on the case and that the representative would have to appeal the matter to WSIAT. The representative thought this was inappropriate as he did not have a final WSIB decision on the incident.

Commission staff discussed the matter with the assistant director, who agreed that the incident required separate adjudication and a decision.

The representative was pleased with the result and left the following message for the Commission: “Thanks very much for your efforts on this file. It’s much appreciated as there was certainly some sort of bureaucratic gridlock. The outcome validates the important role of the Commission.”