Protecting Privacy

A general WSIB practice may have consequences for workers in smaller communities. In this case, privacy issues arose from the WSIB’s transportation practices.

A worker’s representative from a small rural community contacted the Commission. The representative was concerned that a WSIB taxi authorization form sent to a local taxi company identified her client as an injured worker. The representative thought the taxi company did not need to know the client was an injured worker and that the WSIB may have breached the worker’s privacy by providing that information.

The Commission referred the representative to the WSIB Privacy Office and suggested she put her concerns in writing and include a copy of her letter to the Commission.

The representative contacted the Commission a few weeks later to say that following a telephone call from a WSIB Privacy Officer, she received a letter from a manager in the Business Services Division. The manager told the representative that, as a result of reviewing this issue, the system generated taxi authorization forms will be revised to remove the references to “injured worker” and “Claim #”. The representative was pleased that the matter was addressed quickly and that other injured workers will benefit from the change.