Phone Call Returned

An injured worker contacted the Commission with concerns about a WSIB manager not returning her call. A review of the worker’s claim file indicated that the manager attempted to contact the injured worker on several occasions but without success. The manager noted details of the attempted calls, and stated that the worker was not available, nor was she able to leave any voice mail messages for the worker.

The Commission attempted to contact the worker with the intention of relaying this information to her. Several attempts were made before the Commission finally reached the injured worker.

The Commission informed the worker that not only did our review of the claim file indicate that the WSIB attempted to contact her on several occasions, but our experience as well indicated that the worker’s accessibility could be adding to the lack of contact. The Commission advised the worker that we would not be intervening at this stage and suggested that she provide WSIB with other options, including perhaps some timeframes which she would be available for a return call. The injured worker was advised by the Commission that after doing so if she still had difficulty receiving a return call, she should contact us again. The Commission has not heard back from this injured worker.