Paying for a mistake

Mr. P called the Commission to say the WSIB made an error when calculating his benefits. He had a number of bill payments registered
with his bank and when the LOE benefits deposited were too low, these payments bounced. His non-sufficient-funds penalties came to
$275. He did speak with a WSIB manager who told him the WSIB would not pay the NSF fees, even though the manager agreed that the
amount of benefits paid was incorrect.

The Commission spoke with the manager who said she was unable to address the concern although she did agree they had mistakenly
reduced Mr. P’s benefits. She suggested the Commission speak with the assistant director. The assistant director said the WSIB
would send Mr. P a general expense form so that he could apply for reimbursement. When Mr. P sent in the form, along with copies of his
bank statements and the supporting documents, he received the $275.