Oral appeal hearing granted for worker with limitations

Complainant: Worker

Problem: Accommodation needed for worker with neurological problem.

Resolution: Accommodation provided for worker.

Any claim or appeal with the WSIB involves filling out forms, sometimes lots of them. That’s a problem for workers who have trouble doing that, such as this worker with neurological problems. He was trying to handle an appeal on his own. He requested from the WSIB’s Appeals Services Division an oral hearing rather than in writing.

The worker’s permanent psychological impairment worsened when he was under pressure to submit forms or information in writing. He was frustrated by the time he called the Commission, which in turn contacted the manager. WSIB staff had, on other occasions, met with the worker to help him complete forms. The manager agreed to look at options to help the worker while respecting the appeals process.

The WSIB agreed to an oral hearing and said the worker would be given a direct contact to call for help in filling out an essential form.