Older Worker’s Concerns Re: Referral to Work Transition

A 62 year old worker contacted the Commission when he was referred to the Work Transition Program (WT). The worker advised the Commission that he received a decision letter in 2008 stating he would receive loss of earnings benefits (LOE) until he was 65 years of age because he was considered to be unemployable as a result of his workplace injury. In 2012, the worker was startled and upset to be told by telephone that he would be referred to WT immediately since he was now considered to be partially employable and capable of working. According to the case manager, a process would be commenced in order to determine what kind of work the worker was capable of performing, followed by a reduction of his LOE benefits.

Commission staff contacted the manager to discuss the process that was followed in determining that the worker would be able to participate in a work transition program. The manager reviewed the referral process and determined that in this particular case there was no new information on file to suggest that there was a change in circumstances from the time of the earlier decision on file. There was also no new medical information to suggest that the worker would be capable of working on a part-time basis at any occupation. There was also no new financial information impacting the claim file. The manager asked the case manager to undertake a review of the worker’s file.

The Commission was subsequently advised that the work transition referral would not be completed as the worker was not able to work. The Commission contacted the worker to discuss the outcome of the inquiries made. The worker stated “Now I can sleep at night. Thank you”.