Older Worker Option (OWO) agreement revoked

This worker contacted the Commission through a language interpreter.
He had signed an Older Worker Option (OWO) agreement in 2014. He
said the WSIB had initially offered him two options for work transition
(WT) training programs, but the WT specialist withdrew those options.
The worker was concerned that he didn’t understand the terms when
he signed. He told the Commission that he had spoken with WSIB staff
many times about his concerns, but was told the OWO would stand.
According to WSIB policy, OWO agreements are irrevocable.

The Commission made inquiries with the WSIB assistant director who
reviewed the file and determined the worker had not been given enough
time to consider the OWO. Workers have 30 days to consider an OWO.
Language barriers compounded the problem and the assistant director
agreed that the worker had likely not understood the consequences of
signing the OWO.

Because of the Commission’s inquiries and the WSIB’s review, the
WSIB revoked the OWO and offered the worker a WT program. The
worker accepted the offer and his full loss of earnings benefits were