Non-economic loss reassessment

A worker called the Commission with a concern about his request for a re-assessment of a Non-Economic Loss (NEL) benefit. The worker told the Commission that his request had been with the WSIB for over a year, but he had not received a decision. The worker was concerned that the WSIB had not kept previous commitments to review the request and reach a decision. The worker also complained that the WSIB did not return his calls inquiring about the status of the review of his request for a NEL reassessment.

The Commission reviewed the worker’s claim file and decided to discuss his concerns with the sector Director. The Director agreed that there had been unacceptable delays in the NEL re-assessment review. The Director also agreed that the slow response to the worker’s inquiries was a serious breach of customer service.

The Director wrote to the worker and apologized for the manner in which his request was handled by the WSIB. The Director also gave the worker an update on the status of the review and gave him a specific date by which a decision would be made. The worker subsequently confirmed that he received a decision by the promised date.