Mistakes in REC assessment lead to new assessment and treatment

The worker went to a WSIB Regional Evaluation Centre (REC) to have
a work-related neck condition assessed. Results of the assessment were
surprising to the worker. The assessment report referred to a test she
hadn’t done and that did not relate to her neck problems. Moreover, the
worker complained to the Commission that the assessor didn’t listen to
the concerns she had raised about her neck.

The Commission contacted a WSIB manager about the incorrect
information on file. The WSIB contacted the REC, which recognized
the error of citing a report that didn’t relate to the worker. The REC
apologized and said the inaccurate information would be removed, but
the recommendations made in the assessment report would stand.

In response to the worker’s concerns, however, the WSIB offered the
worker a new REC assessment, extension of physiotherapy treatment, and
an additional cortisone injection for pain.