Injured workers unclear on how to file complaints against RECs and specialty clinics

Several workers complained to the Commission about the service they
received at WSIB Regional Evaluation Centres (RECs) and specialty
clinics contracted by the WSIB.

The Commission’s inquiries revealed that there was no clear and
consistent process for the workers to raise their concerns. In fact, answers
to the Commission’s questions varied depending on who at the WSIB was
asked. It was unclear whether the WSIB was responsible for initiating the
complaint on the worker’s behalf or whether the worker was left to file a
formal complaint to the clinic or hospital in question. It was also not clear
who was responsible for communicating the outcome of the complaint.

In response to the Commission’s inquiries, the WSIB reported that the
complaint process is included in all service contracts with the RECs and
specialty clinics. The Commission maintained that even if that were the
case, workers were unaware of the process, as were many WSIB staff. The
Commission continued to raise its concerns with the WSIB.

Eventually, it was agreed that a clear and transparent process was
required. The WSIB advised the Commission that it intended to post an
explanatory document on its website, and the Commission’s input was

That document appeared on the WSIB website in January 2017.