Implementing WSIAT decision

A worker contacted the Commission in June 2007 to complain about the length of time the WSIB took to implement a WSIAT decision. The decision said the worker was entitled to benefits beyond May 31, 2004, and to an assessment for a non-economic loss (NEL) award for her permanent impairment. The worker had been collecting Ontario Works and Ontario disability benefits since her WSIB benefits were terminated in 2004.

The worker asked a number of times when she could expect the WSIAT decision to be implemented. She was frustrated because she provided the information the claims adjudicator had requested and then was told two months later that she needed to provide the information again, in writing.
The Commission contacted the manager about the delay. The manager took steps to ensure the WSIAT decision was implemented immediately. The worker was also referred for an NEL assessment. Loss of earnings benefits were processed within a few days of the Commission’s inquiry.