Implementing an ARO decision

A worker’s representative contacted the Commission about a one-year delay in implementing an Appeals Resolution Officer (ARO) decision. According to the worker, he had made numerous calls to the adjudicator but still had not received the benefits the ARO had granted. As a result of this delay, the worker suffered serious financial and personal difficulties.

The Commission reviewed the worker’s file and discovered that the adjudicator had requested income tax information from 2002 to 2005 to calculate the benefits. The worker submitted his Notice of Assessments from Canada Revenue Agency in May 2006. The adjudicator asked for more detailed information, which the worker sent in July 2006. However, it appeared that the adjudicator had not reviewed this new information.

The Commission contacted the manager who asked the adjudicator to expedite a request to the payment specialist for a review. Following the review, the manager determined there was enough information to process the benefits owed to the worker. Payment was made and the manager apologized to the worker for the delay. The manager also reviewed this case with her whole team to illustrate how delay can have a serious impact on a worker’s life.