Director resolves information gap

The Commission may be able to help untangle interwoven issues so that a worker’s main concern is addressed.

A worker contacted the Commission with concerns that the WSIB was ignoring the advice of his treatment provider and that his calls to the WSIB were not being returned. The worker advised the Commission that his medical condition was not resolving and he now had psychological problems.

The Commission contacted the sector director. After reviewing the claim, the director agreed there appeared to be a gap in the information needed to determine the best management of the claim. He arranged for the medical consultant to speak with the worker’s family physician. As a result of that discussion, the proposed return-to-work program was cancelled and the worker’s physiotherapy was reinstated for six to 12 weeks with a follow-up review by the family physician. Further psychological treatment for the worker was authorized and a report was requested from the worker’s treating psychologist to determine whether his condition was related to the work injury. The director also decided to transfer the claim to another adjudication team. The director himself called the worker to outline these changes.