Delays caused by workload

A worker complained to the Commission, for the second time, about being unable to reach her claims adjudicator by mail or phone.

The Commission contacted the adjudicator who did not remember receiving any calls from the worker and did not see any calls logged in his records. Nevertheless, he said his workload prevented him from delivering satisfactory customer service. He had advised his manager of his concern. Recently, too, he was covering for colleagues who were on vacation or ill. The adjudicator said that his top priority was to handle payment issues, and he believed that this worker was receiving benefits.

The Commission told him that the worker’s benefits had been stopped with no explanation. The adjudicator said he would review the claim and call the worker immediately.

It appeared to the Commission that the primary factor causing the repeated delays was workload. The Commission was satisfied with the remedy in this case. However, due to the frequency of delay complaints, the Commission will contact the director to explore options for resolution.