Check reveals no modified work offer

Ms. G, who works in a highly skilled job, suffered post-traumatic stress disorder caused by an incident at work. Her claim was allowed. She returned to work, but her difficulties escalated and she was unable to continue. The WSIB allowed entitlement for a recurrence but not ongoing loss-of-earnings (LOE) benefits.

Ms. G’s representative called the Commission. In reviewing her file, the Commission noted that the decision letter said ongoing LOE benefits were denied because the employer had provided modified work. However, there was no information in the file to say the employer had offered modified work. The Commission contacted a manager, who reviewed the file and directed the case manager to contact the employer to find out if they had offered modified duties. The WSIB found that the employer had not offered modified work. Thus, the WSIB reconsidered the earlier decision and told Ms. G she was entitled to LOE benefits while she was off work. As well, the manager looked into Ms. G’s treatment needs and suggested Ms. G attend an assessment. She agreed, and after the assessment the WSIB also allowed treatment for her.