Call speeds up appeal process

In March the WSIB denied Ms. N benefits for bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. Her representative requested access to the claim file in
May. By August, the representative still had not received a copy of the file. He complained to a manager who apologized for the delay and
put a priority on it. The manager then assured the representative they would expedite the appeal. However, as of September, Ms. N had not
received any information about her appeal.

Ms. N then called the Commission.

The Commission looked at the file and confirmed that the representative did send in an appeals readiness form at the beginning of September. The objection intake team (OIT) received the form but did not assign it to an OIT case manager.

The Commission called an OIT administrator, who said the claim and the form had been assigned to an OIT case manager but had not
been reviewed. The administrator offered to reassign the file and have a new case manager contact the Commission with an update. Later
the same day, the OIT case manager called to say he had reviewed the file and referred it to the Appeals Services Division.
The Commission called Ms. N with the update.