Benefits reinstated after medical consultation

A young worker was suffering from post-concussion syndrome following
a workplace injury. The WSIB suspended his benefits, saying the worker
wasn’t progressing in treatments.

The worker’s representative raised concerns with the Commission.
The Commission’s review revealed that the WSIB assessments had been
completed eight months earlier. In addition, during that time, the worker
had received more diagnoses, and suffered ongoing physical symptoms.
The modified work restrictions in the WSIB file were therefore out of date
and not consistent with the worker’s condition.

The Commission spoke to a WSIB manager, and then to an assistant
director, questioning whether the WSIB had considered the new medical
information when making its decision. This prompted the WSIB to ask
a medical consultant to review the new information. The review showed
that treatments were, in fact, helping the worker. The WSIB then decided
to reinstate the worker’s benefits retroactively. The worker continued with